Socially Performing Media

We take as a premise that Social Media is a performance platform both for the new World Theatre and the Theatre of the World.

Who are the new actors? What is the drama that they play? How different or similar might these platforms be from a more traditional performance venue? How does it affect the Performing Arts as we’ve known them? Is it an entirely new Performing Art? How is it realized, documented, preserved? Or is it?

We will play with some of these questions by bringing personal, popular and academic references to the table. E.J. Westlake’s “Friend me if you Facebook Generation Y and Peformative Surveillance” may be a departure point, although we can revise it and update it as we enter the discussion, as many of the references are already obsolete with the development of Facebook, as one of the platforms.

You can view this article here:

Current events, causes, life stories are case studies for how the media performs and how we perform within the media. Participants should be prepared to present a few of their own examples and be open to play with them – the proposal is to investigate how, for instance, a real life event gets transformed when socially performing to a virtual audience.

Another useful reference for this session is Bernie Hogan’s article “The Presentation of Self in the Age of Social Media”.


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Syncretic Pleasures® was founded in 1999 by Natalia to produce performances and art events with a roster of different collaborators and has produced several works in New York City. Natalia de Campos is a performer and interactive performance artist, theater director, writer, digital and events producer, educator and translator from Sao Paulo, Brazil in New York since 1998. She has worked with a number of incredible experimental companies and in her own work. She holds a B.A. in History from the University of São Paulo; M.F.A in Performance & Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College/CUNY. Her recent paper presented at the 2012 IFTR Conference was on Wireless Interactivity in Performance. Member of the Lincoln Center Theater Director's Lab; International Federation of Theatre Research; Alumni of the LMCC/Creative Capital Artist's Summer Institute; long term resident artist at CSV Center. She's interested in anything digital, Oral History, Utopian realities, New Media, Interactivity.