Hybrid/online performance pedagogy

I’d like to propose a conversation about using technology in the performing arts classroom, especially in relationship to playwriting and collaborative work. I recently taught a hybrid section of first-year writing and spent the semester looking for ways to create ┬álessons that were more than just online versions of what we did in class; the real challenge was finding lessons that made the online classroom the ideal environment rather than just the one we were given. I’m teaching a playwriting class in the fall and want to find ways to make online work relevant and engaging.

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About Carrie O'Dell

I'm a former stage manager and a dramaturg by training, but I currently work as a multiple-institution adjunct in first-year writing, playwriting, and speech communication. I taught a hybrid class (half face-to-face meetings, half online meetings) recently and I'm looking for ideas to help augment my online teaching skills. My favorite punctuation is the semicolon and my preferred oven temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.