Community and Network Building between DH & Performing Artists

Today’s ever-growing interest in digital humanities research and teaching has coincided with an increased desire by performing artists to learn about appropriate digital tools, applications, and software in order to engage them into their performances.

Our goal is to have a community discussion that will investigate ways in which we can help foster the links between digital humanities and performance via digital social technologies and meetups, bringing together independent artists, coders, developers, big data visualization, hackers, librarians and scholars, and see how best to pair the tools and resources at our disposal to the changing needs of those creating digital performance. We also want to open the floor and hear from performing artists themselves, and explore how they want to engage/inhabit/think through these digital tools and how software/hardware can be a performance medium and not just performance enhancement.

We will be holding this session via a Google hangout, as well as at the Martin Segal Theatre, to help include the wider network of performing artists, librarians, archivists and scholars from outside the NYC Metro area.

Organized by the NYC Digital Humanities and Performing Arts Meetup.
In the spirit of community and sociability of meetups, after the session organizers will lead THATCamp Performing Arts attendees to the Archives Bar, 12 E 36th St, for drinks and some good conversation.
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About Cynthia Tobar

I'm a cross-disciplinary metadata specialist/archivist interested in bringing together specialists in humanities, digital technologies, libraries and archives to engage in collaborative planning and designing of open source, publicly accessible digital humanities teaching and learning tool prototypes. I'm also the organizer of the NYC DH & Performing Arts meetup, which explores the connections between digital humanities, new media, digital games, with music, film, theatre, and other performing arts.