2 Responses to Collaborative Cataloging in the Performing Arts

  1. Sian says:

    East of Borneo, collaborative archive of LA art : www.eastofborneo.org/
    Library Thing, social tagging and the library : www.librarything.com
    Public Catalogue Fund, image tagging of UK publicly held paintings : www.thepcf.org.uk/
    The Steve Project, image tagging : www.steve.museum/
    The PING project, UCSD : ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/thisweek/2011/06/06_ping.asp
    César (cesar.org.uk)
    Truville : ?

  2. Amy Ballmer says:

    I am not able to attach a pdf of the article Siân and I wrote to this site, but I am happy to send a copy over email. If you are interested please contact me at ude.y1529300074nuc.c1529300074g@rem1529300074llaba1529300074. The article is called “Alternative Access Models:Enhancing the Discoverability of Small Press and Avant-Garde Art Journals” published in Art Documentation v.32 no 1 Spring 2013 pp 20-32

    thanks for a great conversation,

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