Will/Can/Should Theatre Join The Digital (R)Evolution?

For centuries, the conventional definition of theatre has been of an event occurring in real time in front of a live audience in a physical space. In the last decade alone, there have been hundreds of examples that have put that categorization to the test (one example: www.digitaltheatre.com).  With the rapid advance of technology, theatre has a responsibility to embrace this (r)evolution or ultimately fall further by the wayside. How can we utilize these advances, both artistically and administratively, to transform the theatrical landscape so we can further investigate, innovate and interact with fellow artists across the globe?

Until recently, theatre hasn’t been able to avoid creating sleep-inducing footage when it’s recorded or digitized. It somehow loses its spirit as fast as the present becomes the past; leaving one with the same feeling one has when they stopped being in love. Where does the spirit go? How can that magic remain? How can we keep it interesting for everyone, not just academics and researchers? Is it just a document of a past event, or can we find a way for it to be a living, breathing experience?

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About Douglas Howe

Douglas Howe is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of New International Theatre Experience (NITE). He has directed over thirty productions in five countries. He graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in where he directed his first original piece, "The Helpless Spectator: Dance of the Seven Veils". He has trained with Peruvian master teacher Victoria Santa Cruz, Japanese actor Yoshi Oida, Bulgarian director Mladen Kiselov, SITI Company and the Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT). From 2001-2007, he was the Artistic Director of Thalatta! Theatre International, and from 2007-2013, he was the Artistic Director of The Internationalists. He also taught acting and directed productions for seven years as part of Northwestern University's NHSI 'Cherub' program. In 2008, he was the recipient of a Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) space grant. In 2009, Douglas was awarded a three-year French ‘Competence et Talents’ residency visa in order to create cross-cultural theatrical collaborations in Paris, and in 2011, Douglas worked in Sydney as the International Liaison Officer at Playwriting Australia. Currently, Douglas is a Commons Producer for HowlRound, documenting the playwright residencies at Playwrights Horizons and Soho Rep in NYC. He is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, The Fence Playwriting Network, LMDA, SAG/AFTRA and Actors Equity Association.