Session proposal: Working with old data

Records of performances, going back to Aristophanes and beyond, are gradually being made available online.  Handwritten and printed scripts, scores, reviews and notes from before the digital age require different techniques to compile, archive, digitize, share and analyze.

<a href=""><img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-321" alt="f16.highres" src="×214.png" width="300" height="214" /></a>My research explores the history of the French language as found in scripts of plays, from the  twelfth century dramatization of the Adam and Eve story to the twentieth century Theater of the Absurd.  I have drawn on texts digitized by others, books scanned by Google Books and the National Library of France, and my own scans of published books and microfilms.

What performances are you looking at?  How are you finding them, bringing them together, converting them to digital, studying them and making them available to others?

We will be taking notes in <a href="">this google doc</a>.

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About Angus Grieve-Smith

I'm a corpus linguist focusing on the history of the French language. My dissertation examined the effects of language use on the evolution of negation in a historical corpus of Parisian plays. I'm also interested in the semantics and politics of categorization, with particular regard to transgender identities, multidimensional register and genre analysis, and computational sign linguistics.

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